This is How We Roll

Local lad Nick Sexton is on a roll with Gulf Coast Pedicab Service. Mixing transportation and tourism, his fleet of bicycle-driven cabs can be booked individually or for group rides, and his drivers are more like tour guides. So even if you don’t know where you want to go, flag down the guys in the bright green shirts to discover the best spots Downtown or on the beach.


Explore More Than the Shore

It may be small, occupying less than a quarter-mile stretch of Highway 98, but Downtown Fort Walton Beach is big on ways to occupy your time – rain or shine. Whatever the weather, good times are in the forecast when you visit this quaint and quirky downtown to dine, shop and play.


Relics & ‘Rithmetic

Stationed on the north side of Main Street Fort Walton Beach lies a century-old schoolhouse and an Indian Temple Mound dating back to the year 900 A.D., where you can learn how the first settlers lived and even touch some of their primitive tools.


Shop Local, #ShopSoundside

  One stop. Six stores. Endless fun. Your island adventure begins at Soundside Market – a lively collection of shops, located centrally on Pensacola Beach, Florida, directly across from the Hilton. Whether you want to get in the middle of the action or you are looking for a quiet and peaceful day of relaxation, this one-stop market has plenty… Read more »